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Ed WaltersEd Walters
Branch Manager/Reverse Specialist 

Ed is a Reverse Mortgage Specialist with more than 20 years of experience . He has done hundreds of reverse mortgage loans, and loves his work. His primary objective is to educate you, your family, and financial advisers on all aspects of a reverse mortgage. After meeting with Ed, you will have answers to almost all of your questions on whether a reverse mortgage is right for you. Ed is a good listener, thorough, quick to the point, dependable and honest. Ed’s 20+ years of business experience and a Degree from in Business Management adds to his competency.

Ed first worked for Shell Oil Company and then owned his own Shell station for seven years and was voted dealer of the year in the State of California. After receiving his masters in divinity, he was a minister/counsellor for over a decade and then returned to the business world and has been a mortgage banker the last 30 years.Ed makes every effort to keep up with the requirements and changes in the industry and attempts to learn something new every day. Ed always gives his word that he will be honorable, hard-working and effective in his communication with clients and peers. Ed has done reverse loans for over 20 years and now specializes in them. Ed’s belief system ensures that he tries to live by the Golden Rule of “doing unto others as you would have them do unto you” and to be as diligent, kind and caring as he can be.

Personally, Ed feels like a vocational world traveler when it comes to looking at his background. Ed grew up on a dairy farm arising at 4 am daily to do the necessary chores and enjoyed his large family experiences. As a young man Ed was a custodian, an onion dehydrator worker, a long-haul furniture mover and a tire/maintenance worker for large trucks. Ed was reared by strict but loving parents who held him and his siblings accountable for their work and their ethics”. Ed was a minister for 16 years and a true believer in God. He has been in lending for 30 years and in reverse mortgages sense 1984.



Casey DochertyCasey Docherty
Loan Officer/Reverse Loan Specialist

Hello my name is Casey Docherty,

I now have over 6 years experience helping people in the mortgage industry and found it to be rewarding and helpful to my clients. Home ownership is a passion of  mine because I believe it’s the best way to build wealth while achieving home ownership. I have always put my client’s needs first by giving them my time and energy and making sure that I have done a good job. I am always looking for a better way to save homeowners money and to help them know that they are into a better financial position.

As a father of 3, I know the importance of of building wealth for our childrens future, but I also know that one of the best things my wife and I can do is to provide a   good home for my family.

As I have progressed in this industry and have met people of all ages, I have taken a strong affinity for Senior home owners. I now know what it is like to be unable to pay bills and to struggle through life. Too many of my family members have gone through this and I want the wisdom to know how to help aging people live out their

life in comfort. With this said, I am now joining my Branch Manager (who has done reverse mortgages for over 20 years) who has taught me about working with senior citizens and how we can use a reverse mortgage to help even more people.



Kathy TerriKathy Terri
Admin Assistant & Processor

Kathi has been working for Primary Residential Mortgage since 2014 and has served in many areas for the company. Kathi’s position is primarily a processor for reverse mortgages but will assist with forward mortgages when needed. She has grown fond of working with the “Upper aged generation” (since she is one herself) and she finds it very rewarding when she helps a senior close a reverse loan.

Kathi is an avid horse woman who loves her Barrel Racing. Her entire family competes in rodeos and does team roping and barrel racing as adults and grandkids from 2-23 years of age.

Before coming aboard with PRMI, she worked for AT&T for approximately 16 years. Kathi served as a manager for the Resource Department and handled calls for Force Management .

Kathi has lived in the Merced area, since 1978 and has 2 married adult children and 7 grandchildren.